Max Adams to Speak at AEB Anniversary Event

Author and Award Winning Screenwriter Max AdamsMax Adams will be a guest speaker at the Austin Entertainment Business (AEB) One Year Anniversary meet up on January 24th at the Speakeasy in Austin Texas.

For more info on dates, times, and how to RSVP to attend the AEB anniversary event, visit :::AEB:::

AFW Online Screenwriting Classes March 2019

March Classes Ahoy

March classes Dynamic Writing, The First 30 Pages, and Mastering Story Momentum are  right around the corner.

March classes open March 12, 2019.

Class seating is limited. A writing sample is required for admission to AFW classes.

Please register early to reserve your seat in class.

January 2019 Screenplay Consults Special

Screenwriter & Author Max AdamsScreenplay Consults January 2019 Special: January 15th through January 30th, 2019, Max Adams is offering a half off special on screenplay consultations. Consultations will be $475.00 for a limited time only. Please visit and read up on “consults” and hit “contact” to email for more details.


*This consults special is open until January 30th or until my consults schedule fills. Please contact me earlier rather than later to guarantee there are still open consult time slots available.

Author and Award Winning Screenwriter Max Adams

Max 3000; Russian Hackers 30001

So the Russian hackers finally took me down.

(Mother F*ckers!)

If you’ve made your way here you are, one, really smart, you found us yay!

Two, have probably noticed we’re on a new url, new servers, and have gone a little https crazed and such.

Don't be an ass reviewing.

The Word “But” – AKA Don’t Be An Ass Reviewing

One of the most injurious words in reviews is “but.”

The characters are wonderful, but –

The story is gripping, but –

The visuals are cinematic, but – 

See, here is what the word “but” does in any sentence: It negates any positive statement coming before it. For example:

The Screenwriter's Uniform

Return of the Screenwriter’s Uniform

The original screenwriter’s uniform blog post appears to be lost in the interwebs somewhere (how does this happen?) but it keeps coming up in conversation. (Also, according to fashion experts, white sneakers are back! Whoah. Did not see that coming.)

The Writer's Reel

New Class! The Writer’s Reel!

New class! The Writer’s Reel!

There are a lot of terms for that. “Lookbook.” “Mood Reel.” “Sizzle Reel.” They are mostly the same thing, for writers, (sort of, some move and some do not move, there’s a lot of crossover in that lately though). But, they all have the same intent, mostly –

The Blues Brothers know Goal vs. Task

Goal vs Task

One thing to keep mind plotting a story is that there is a difference between a primary story goal and tasks protagonists undertake to achieve the primary story goal. For example, looking at the film The Blues Brothers, (1980 starring Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi, written by Dan Aykroyd and John Landis, directed by John Landis), the protagonist goal is to save the orphanage the two leads Jake and Elwood grew up in.

Primary Goal: Save the orphanage.
Major Dramatic Question: Can Jake and Elwood save the orphanage?

To save the orphanage —

Five Fixes

Five Instant Action Fixes

THE BAD NEWS:  If you’re making these 5 mistakes writing screenplays, you’re not ready for prime time.

THE GOOD NEWS:  Correcting these 5 mistakes will rocket your script quality up so fast NASA might ask to read your script.