[names have been changed to protect the innocent, that would be my students — the non-innocent would be me.]

MAX: Each story is like getting thrown into a room with a blindfold on and trying to find a door out.


MAX: You might make it through one on innate intuition and luck.

MAX: But the next one? And the next one?


MAX: Craft is sort of like the blind man’s walking stick in those blindfolded rooms.

STUDENT B: Nobody has any idea what this is like.

MAX: Writers all do.

MAX: Civilians don’t.

STUDENT B: Except writers, I mean


MAX: Here is the way to look at that though.

MAX: You could look at it as, OMG, nobody appreciates what I am doing!

MAX: But that is the wrong way to look at it.

MAX: Writers are magicians.

STUDENT A: Magician . . .

MAX: No magician wants someone to know how they do what they do, because that would remove the magic.

MAX: The only people who should know how a magician does it are magicians.

MAX: For everyone else, it should be magic.

MAX: And it is magic. We make people believe in people who do not exist, know them, care about them, in worlds that are made up, but that people believe in for a brief moment as real.

MAX: We are the grand illusionists.

MAX: We create worlds and people that live, for centuries, for others. Longer than we do. Our magic tricks live on, with our characters and worlds.

MAX: So never look at this as, people don’t get what you are doing. Be glad they don’t get what you are doing. You do not want them to know how you created the magic. You just want them to experience the magic.