So the Russian hackers finally took me down.

(Mother F*ckers!)

If you’ve made your way here you are, one, really smart, you found us yay!

Two, have probably noticed we’re on a new url, new servers, and have gone a little https crazed and such.

It’s a little tricky making the transition. The big fight was to keep the school forums up while all hell was breaking loose outside those walls and that’s where all the energy went. Holding those walls meant letting the main sight pages fail.

(I feel so like a general now. I probably need to go read The Art of War again. On the bright side, it was a really ugly battle, but, nobody dies if I sacrifice chess pieces in a hacker war. Small blessings.)

Welcome back. Classes are still in session and January classes are on the horizon. You can get more info on those at

Thanks for tracking us down again.