The March Newsletter is out. Did you sign up for the mailing list? Do you wanna?


Meanwhile, a few things on the horizon immediately expiring: It is last call for March applications to the 5150 online screenwriting workshop. We don’t accept new members mid-month if you are interested, hit it now or wait a month.


It is also last call for the April consults special. There are two April calendar spots left in April consults and those are $300 off for April.

Which still doesn’t make them cheap, but they do cost less right now. We can’t extend this though, apply now through March 31. After March 31, that’s expired and we’ll be reallocating the time if the slots are not filled.


Mastering Story Momentum, the online on demand video course, is slipping its release date. We were planning on releasing in March. Our new release date is on or before April 15. The good news is, that gives you a little extra time to grab that at the pre-launch price. That price is only good before release, though. Grab it now.


May online six week master classes studying personally with Max Adams online, Dynamic Writing and Visual Writing, are right around the corner with a May 12 start date. We are booking seats now. A writing sample is required. There is an eight person cap on these classes. Please register early.



We included a special good through March 31 on the online master video course Dynamic Writing. That’s only available to people on the mailing list though. (How cool is it you have a link to that in this post, eh?) If you’re not signed up for the mailing list, now might be the time. And if you do receive the newsletter and just have not opened it yet or you missed the ‘perks’ section? Go open that baby right now. Woot!


*You’ll need the code from the newsletter to get the discount there.

Big shout out to 5150 member Nancy Bilyeau whose novel Dreamland just made the Amazon best seller list in Historical Fiction. Yay! Go Nancy Go! And to 5150 member Tony Ferrendelli whose script The Commie just won the LiveReadLA competition. Yay! Go, Tony, Go!

We’ve got a new section up in the AFW public forum, COVID-19. It’s a spot to share news, humor, updates, we’ve got a daily journal spot up — it’s for AFW members and 5150 workshop members, currently active or on leave of absence, to touch base and back each other up in the community forum online. You’re invited. (If you’ve lost your sign in info or just need to sign up as new, drop Cris or Max an email and we’ll give you the registration code or fix your login info.)


We completed the AFW site redesign and moved back onto the url. If you have not stopped by and seen the new site design, what are you crazy?

:::HIT THAT:::

That’s the haps. Stay safe out there.

~ Max