It is the launch of the AFW On Demand Master Screenwriting Courses from yours truly. Yay!

I have been promising these a while now but it took a long while to get everything set in place to launch them and to outline and create them and then there is filming —

(You would not believe how much makeup I have to spatula onto my face for these clips to avoid blending into the wall. Gah! Or maybe you would. Anyhoos….)

They are here! Yay! And the first on demand master course, Dynamic Writing, is releasing Feb 11 (yes, this month!) yay!

Check out the on demand master classes and video introductions :::HERE:::

Also, don’t forget to sign up for future news and info while you are there. And definitely take advantage of the pre-release prices while they last for the on demand master screenwriting classes and for the AFW All Access One Year Master Pass. Yay!