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September classes The First 30 Pages, High Concept Writing, and The Writer’s Reel begin September 8. You want those. You know you do. Go check them out:




There is an open seat in the 5150 online international screenwriting workshop.


There are two calendar slots available for September consults from yours truly, Max. These are being offered at a special September rate. For more info, hit that:


Grab those while they are available. There are only two calendar slots open and once they are gone, they are gone.

We hit a glitch in the production schedule in 2020 for the online webinar classes. We are still working on those and they are coming — just a little more slowly than anticipated. Dynamic Writing is up and available however and you can catch that here:


That is currently available for the pre-launch price too. Cool, yes? We figure people need something to watch right now so we dropped the price back down for you for now. That’s for a limited time though, no guarantees we will keep it that low for the rest of the year.

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We’ve got a new section up in the AFW public forum, COVID-19. It’s a spot to share news, humor, updates, we’ve got a daily journal spot up — it’s for AFW members and 5150 workshop members, currently active or on leave of absence, to touch base and back each other up in the community forum online. You’re invited. (If you’ve lost your sign in info or just need to sign up as new, drop Cris or Max an email and we’ll give you the registration code or fix your login info.)


We completed the AFW site redesign and moved back onto the url. If you have not stopped by and seen the new site design, what are you crazy?

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That’s the September haps. Stay safe out there.

~ Max

PS: Here is the newsletter link if you missed it, I’m not a monster: :::SEPT NEWSLETTER:::

PPS: For fun, here are some clips writers Jodi Lustig, Debi Yazbeck, and Tonia Kempler worked on in the Reels class: