New class! The Writer’s Reel!

There are a lot of terms for that. “Lookbook.” “Mood Reel.” “Sizzle Reel.” They are mostly the same thing, for writers, (sort of, some move and some do not move, there’s a lot of crossover in that lately though). But, they all have the same intent, mostly –

For writers.

Among other industry animals though? They have completely different purposes. And –

I can’t watch one more writer coming out of a writing program who is struggling to put together a producer’s sales packet without pointing out, it’s NOT THE SAME THING.

Big film schools, WTF are you thinking? Stop putting producers in front of writers telling writers its their job to tell people where financing and casting will come from. That’s not what writers do. That’s what you do. Quit it.

Anyway, I was inspired to put this class together after seeing some seriously questionable graduating classroom results coming out of places that should know better, and because students and workshoppers asked for more information. Hence, the new class.

Let’s go “sizzle.”


I hope to see you in class.



*The Writer’s Reel is a new class, please register early if you want to grab a seat in there new class seats tend to go pretty fast.