“Producers trying to teach screenwriters how to put together a story lookbook is like bankers trying to teach architects how to draw blue prints for a bank. We who create stories and images are not here to draw up financial plans. We’re here to show people the story.” ~ Max Adams


COURSE DURATION: This is a 6 week accelerated online master screenwriting class.

COURSE EMPHASIS: “Reels” and “lookbooks” come in many different shapes and sizes and have names ranging from “lookbook” to “pitch deck” to “demo reel” to “mood reel” to “trailer” to “sizzle.” Some of these approaches and compilations are better suited to suits selling projects, others to directors displaying directing skills or a visual pitch for a film project. The ones we writers want to use? Writers’ reels and lookbooks are specific to writers promoting themselves and their stories. Or should be.

Course emphasis in this screenwriting class is on recognizing the difference between types of reels and clips and lookbooks, understanding what each can do for you – specifically – as a writer. How to build reels and lookbooks and pitch decks, be they sizzle or mood reels or graphic compilations, using different types of software to do it – or flat out mounting a full production and filming – and the strengths of each approach for you. Students will be creating a mock personal clip and building a lookbook for an individual project during class.

COURSE EXPECTATIONS: In this course you’ll learn the difference between different types of reels and lookbook presentations, learn which applies to artists and which applies to producers and suits, why there is a distinct difference, and how to present yourself and your work as an artist.

Through lectures, clips, examples and analysis and in-class exercises and examples, you will learn how to create sizzle reels, lookbooks, trailers, and demo reels that promote your work – and promote it well – and where to take all of the above for release in order to achieve a profile for yourself as an artist and for your work that will benefit your career.


WEEK ONE: Sizzle, Lookbook, Demo, Mood, or Trailer? || Lecture: The Difference Between Terms & Presentation & What They Mean to Writers & Artists
WEEK TWO: The Writer’s Reel & Lookbook || Lecture: How to Distinguish Yourself as an Artist in Presentation & How to Do It Right
WEEK THREE: One Project or a Body of Work? || Lecture: The Benefits of Promoting One Project vs. Promoting Self & a Body of Work
WEEK FOUR: Creation & Distribution || Lecture: How to Use a Reel & Lookbook to Gain Attention & Support for a Pitch
WEEK FIVE: Impact & Pitfalls || Lecture: How Reels Fail & How Reels Succeed – A Study in Examples
WEEK SIX: Strategy || Lecture: Tools & Strategies for Future Reel & Lookbook Plans
WEEK SEVEN: Grace Period || No Lecture |

TIME LINES: Classes roll open online in the forum at approximately 12 AM EST Tuesday morning. Students have until 11 PM EST Tuesday night to read the initial weekly lecture and complete and post an initial short written assignment. There is additional reading and viewing material during the week. There are weekly one hour online chats on Thursday nights. Chat times start at 7 PM EST, 8 PM EST, and 9 PM EST, depending on your class’s chat schedule.


DURATION: 6 Weeks + 1 Week Grace Week
LOCATION: Online: AFW FORUM [classroom forums are private]
TUITION: $475.00
DEPOSIT: $150.00
CLASS SIZE: There is a 12 person cap on this course.
MATERIALS: Lectures, reading materials and most viewing materials are supplied in class or online.
WRITING SAMPLE: A writing sample is required.




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