“Passion drives film. So does action. Passion and action just get a little more naked when characters take their clothes off. Don’t let that throw you.” ~ Max Adams


COURSE DURATION: This is a 6 week accelerated online master class in screenwriting.

COURSE EMPHASIS: Course emphasis is on writing sex scenes — the do’s and don’ts that separate good sex scenes from bad sex scenes on the page and on the screen.

This class came about through student discussion and demand. Usually when I form a class, it is because I see something glaringly off in a lot of scripts and think, Wow, there is something really wrong there that needs to be addressed. That didn’t happen with sex scenes because, people who were afraid to write them simply didn’t. So there was not a huge glaring problem. There simply weren’t any sex scenes to see a problem with. Then — students said, So, um, how do you do this thing? This sex scene? On the page and on the screen? That I’m afraid to do so am not doing at all and skipping?

The result is this class. The Sex Scene: Writing techniques to use while writing sex scenes that will make readers sit up and take notice — for the right reasons. Instead of the wrong reasons. [There are a lot of wrong reasons, there’s a bad sex scenes of shame passed out every year in a literary group pinging really famous authors who probably aren’t crying on the way to the bank but still. Ow.] And writing tools and techniques that will give you, a writer, the courage and confidence to write sex scenes when sex scenes are needed on the page — instead of the impulse to just skip them and run away.

COURSE EXPECTATIONS: In this course you’ll discover writing tools and techniques you can apply to fiction, nonfiction, screenplays, teleplays, and stage plays. Through lectures, clips, script analysis, and in-class exercises, you will learn how to use story elements to create strong, passionate and arousing sex scenes — and not porn, ahem — on the screenplay page that will translate to the screen. Way too often, because of sexual content? Writers lose their bearings in sex scenes. That shouldn’t happen. All scripts are about passion. And all screen action is, in narrative film, action. It gets a little more confusing when characters start taking off their clothes — but that’s still an action scene. If those aren’t working for you? Let’s fix them.


WEEK ONE: What’s Sexy Anyway? || Lecture: Sex & Conquest
WEEK TWO: Character Versus Audience || Lecture: Who’s Turned On? And Why?
WEEK THREE: Lights, Camera, Action! || Lecture: Just Say No To “Close Up, Erection”
WEEK FOUR: Gratuitous This || Lecture: Making Sex Count; Or, What Works?
WEEK FIVE: Withholding || Grandma Was Okay With Blue Balls
WEEK SIX: Delivering || Lecture: Reader Pulse Rates
WEEK SEVEN: Grace Period || No Lecture |

TIME LINES: Classes roll open online in the forum at approximately 12 AM PST Tuesday morning. [This is in part to make it easier for international students, in part it was a good time for me before I moved to Texas, post the Texas move, they tend to go up earlier.] Students have until 8 PM PST/11 PM PST Tuesday night to read the initial weekly lecture and complete and post an initial short written assignment. There is additional reading and viewing material that stretches out during the week, and there are weekly one hour chats on Thursday nights. Chat times start at 8 PM EST, 9 PM EST, and 10 PM EST, depending on your class’s chat schedule.


DURATION: 6 Weeks + 1 Week Grace Week
LOCATION: Online: AFW FORUM [classroom forums are private]
TUITION: $475.00
DEPOSIT: $150.00
CLASS SIZE: There is a 12 person cap on this course.
MATERIALS: Lectures, reading materials and most viewing materials are supplied in class or online — some outside viewing is required.
WRITING SAMPLE: A writing sample is required prior to admission to this class.




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