Classes are usually on a waiting list because waiting list courses do not have high enough regular enrollment to maintain the class on the full course roster. Sometimes classes are also on a waiting list status because they are new classes with high enrollment requests above the enrollment allowance. We have some pretty strict class seat numbers around here.

If not enough people regularly sign up for a course, we take it off the regular course roster and maintain a wait list for the class until enough students are on the list to make the class viable. Then we notify everyone on the wait list the course is a go and schedule it.

If a class has registration requests that overshoot the class course enrollment cut off, we keep a wait list, and usually split the class into two classes if numbers are high enough to do that in order to make the class available to everyone wishing to sign up for the class.

If you see the *wait list tag:
Don’t stumble off in a haze of discontent. You might be the student body who kicks an under enrolled class into viability. Or, you may be the student who makes it viable to offer two sessions of a class instead of one and open the class to more students when you wish to enroll in the class.

Wait list deposits:
We do not ask for a full course deposit on wait list classes. We do ask for half deposit. We need some assurance you are committed to taking the class. In the old days we didn’t ask for any deposits. This became problematic when classes rolled open and multiple people registered for classes suddenly could not attend. Sorry about that. We do need a commitment. And in our experience, “commitment” means a cash desposit. Ugly world, yes? But we’re stuck with it. $75.00 and we will put you on the wait list and move heaven and earth to make the class happen. No deposit? We won’t take you seriously and will let the class sit on the shelf.