5150 is a private online international screenwriting workshop run by screenwriter Max Adams.

The 5150 Workshop exists to provide screenwriters a place in which they may provide and receive feedback on works in progress, finished scripts, concepts in development, and marketing strategies for launching new projects — within a private, safe, pro writer online community.

A majority of 5150 members are AFW and Max class and workshop alumni. The 5150 Workshop is not however limited only to AFW and Max alumni. We accept non alumni applicants into the workshop who exhibit ability and drive.

All workshop members are screened before admission and must exhibit talent, skill, craft, drive and an ability to play well with others.

Pumpkin & Jon Stewart

[That’s Pumpkin the dog, our honorary mascot, totally playing well with Jon Stewart at the Austin Film Festival. Hell, Pumpkin’s a bigger star at Austin Film Festival than I will ever be and I won the damn competition.]

The minimum commitment to the workshop is three months. 5150 is not a short term commitment. It is expected participants will be with the workshop for an extended period of time and give back as much as they take out in terms of energy, feedback, and group participation. For example, we were all pretty damn tired at 3 Am at Austin Film Festival, but four of us showed up at the 24 Cafe (with a couple unstoppable friends for good measure).

5150 Late Night 24 Cafe, Austin Film Festival

You don’t have to fly to Austin. Or show up at 3 AM at the 24 Cafe. You don’t have to show up in person at all. It’s an ONLINE workshop. But you get the gist. You DO have to show up.

There are weekly online chats on Thursday nights and at times guest lecturers attend chats. Past guests include Jeff Lowell [Spin City, The Drew Carey Show], David Trottier [The Screenwriter’s Bible], Franklin Leonard [The Black List], Terri Edda Miller [Castle], Eric Red [The Hitcher], Shawna Benson [The 100], Terry Rossio [Shrek, Pirates of the Carribean] — and others.

5150 members’ experience ranges from rank beginners exhibiting phenomenal talent to veteran pros. The workshop cap is 25 members. The workshop is housed in a private forum on the AFW Main Forum. The workshop is run by screenwriter Max Adams. Workshop monthly dues are $29.95 ||

Agreement | 5150 Participants Agree to the Following:

1] You understand 5150 is a private forum and issues and private works discussed and critiqued therein may only be discussed therein and/or among fellow workshop participants and you will not discuss or distribute same outside these hallowed electronic walls or with non-workshop participants outside the 5150 workshop forum.

2] The works posted in 5150 are the private intellectual property of their original posters and any contributions, comments, and/or advice posted in response by you as a participating critiquer within the forum are given freely, no strings attached, and do not in any way shape or form constitute or entitle you to monetary and/or future compensation, benefits, credit or claims on materials posted by participants in 5150 for critique.

3] You understand participation in the 5150 forum is a privilege, not a guarantee or entitlement, and that disruption of the forum and/or malicious or unhelpful critiques are grounds for termination of your participation in the forum and, if you participate in either activity, you will be unceremoniously dumped on your butt outside the forum gates and left to thirst to death in the electronic wilderness, no ifs ands or buts.

4] You understand that, while the 5150 forum is provided by and supported by SeeMaxRun and 440Films, no promises of critique, option, purchase, or promotion of works posted in the 5150 forum have been made to participants by Max Adams, SeeMaxRun, or 440Films, and while forum moderators will attempt to monitor behaviors of participants, you participate in workshops at your own risk and the forum owners, moderators and operators cannot be held responsible for or warrantee the actions or behaviors of workshop participants nor do forum owners, moderators or operators claim liability or responsibility for the actions of workshop participants.

5] You promise on a stack of bibles you are not a workshop tourist and you have works in progress you wish to have critiqued and reviewed in workshop, and you agree to post a minimum of one work per month for critique by other workshoppers [a one to twelve page scene or sequence of scenes or a logline/query for review] and to do a minimum of three critiques per month of works posted by other workshop members. And that is the minimum, folks, really, you are expected to do better than just phone it in.

6] You acknowledge anonymity does not work in workshops and participate under your full legal name. Which you will back up, before admission, with legal documentation like a passport or driver’s license or state ID. We do not kid around about that.

Dues : $29.95 per month.

A Three Month Commitment is required to join. If you do not plan to stick around at least three months, 5150 is not for you. 5150 is not a part time commitment. It is a both barrels commitment.

Workshop Minimum Participation is one uploaded work per month [1 to 15 pages depending on content] and three reviews of short uploaded works per month.

Weekly Chats | Thursday nights | 10 PM EST | 7PM PST in the AFW chat forum. [5150 chats are housed in a private chat room in the chat forum.]

Workshop Seating Cap : 25 | A Writing Sample is required prior to acceptance.

To inquire about open seats in the 5150 workshop, drop Max a line (also be sure to say you’re writing in about the 5150 Workshop): 


 *Note, if for some reason you do not hear back from us within 48 hours, something in the form has gone tragically wrong and we did not receive your email. Hit us via contact @ theafw.com if that is the case, sans the spaces, and we will get back to you asap.