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AFW News and Movers & Shakers

News and AFW Movers & Shakers


Austin Film Festival 2019

Everyone survived another Austin Film Festival. Whew! We took photos this year too. Yay! Hit the AFF Gallery if you haven’t been in a while and see what we’ve got in there.

The great streaming project that was going to launch October 21 (today) hit a couple technical hold ups. Oops. That is okay, we could use a breather between deadlines around here.

As of now and barring film festival frenzy this weekend derailing any more deadlines, the streaming webinar launch date has moved to November 29th. Stay tuned for updates — and join the mailing list to really stay up to date. Yay!

Meanwhile —

The Winner! Yay yay yay! (We are launching webinars and streaming here there was a vote on music for one of the lead in clips. This is the winner. Yay!)

If you’d like to stay up on the streaming launch, hit the mailing list. (We are not spammy around here and also we are funny.) :::HIT THAT:::

Two Weeks Left to Register for AFW November Online Screenwriting Master Classes Character Writing, Dialogue Writing, and Mastering Story Momentum

Two weeks left to register for the last 2019 AFW Online Master Screenwriting Classes of the year: Character Writing, Dialogue Writing, and Mastering Story Momentum.

How do you want to start the new year? Kick ass? Or same old same old?

Exactly. Register now.

5150, the online international screenwriting workshop, has two open November seats. Hit that link: :::THE LINK:::

Austin Film Festival 2019

Austin Film Festival is one week away as I type. Ahhh! Not ready not ready not ready – never mind I will be ready.

A LOT of 5150 and AFW peeps will be there. If you are coming, hit AFW Forum and drop a note. Al is a finalist this year! Yay! Take it home Al!

Screenwriter Al Finocchio

Big grat’s to Al Finocchio whose short script Give Love a Shot is an Austin Film Festival fellowship FINALIST. Go, Al, go!

Screenwriter Tony Ferrendelli

Tony Ferrendelli’s micro short A Day in the Life is an official selection of the Berlin Flash Film Festival, Tony’s short The Light is a WeScreenplay short scripts finalist and Tony’s short The Commie is an Austin Short Comedy Film Festival nominee for Best Short Comedy Screenplay. Yay!

Screenwriter Dagmar Blommaert, Debi Yazbeck, and, Della Greenawalt

Dagmar Blommaert, Debi Yazbeck, and Della Greenawalt have been selected for the Stowe Story Labs 2nd Annual 2019 Palm Springs Writers’ Retreat. Yay!